May 2016  
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The movement occurring in the Ware Public Schools (WPS) is evident in what has taken place over the past twelve months.  Last year at this time, the Superintendent’s website message titled “WPS & The WARE Way – We’re on the Move!” discussed the importance of funding in building a strong school system. The message outlined how a strong school system is imperative in order to develop children into responsible, caring and successful adults. In addition, the message stated that a strong school system is needed to attract potential homebuyers into our community along with businesses interested in investing in our town. 

Since last year, a number of things occurred that have highlighted the great work that continues in the WPS, including the following:

·         JR/SR High School has received full accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

·         “Adopt an Instrument Campaign” has raised over $10,000 to support our music program

·         In collaboration with the Ware Business and Civic Association, soon there will be a community college/workforce training initiative in downtown Ware

·         School-to-Career partnership has students interning in a number of areas:

o   East Quabbin Land Trust

o   Mary Lane/BayState Hospital

o   Quabbin Wire and Cable

o   Ware Police Department

o   Ware River News

·         District Improvement Plan developed by the Senior Leadership Team to keep us focused and targeted to assure we are meeting the needs of all of our students

·         “WARE Are They Now” website profiles continue to provide evidence that a WPS education can provide top-notch experiences for students

·         District administration working with the “Buy Ware Now” Initiative to help promote home sales in Ware

·         Expanded programming including Performing Arts, Junior High School Spanish, and AP Statistics which yielded an 80% passing rate of all participating students

·         Professional development for teachers in rolling out and supporting the John Collins’ Writing Initiative over the past 18 months

Through last year’s budget appropriations, a number of positions were reinstated, including the following:

·         CAD course at the high school

·         Reading Teacher in 7th grade

·         Library/Media Specialist at WMS

·         Structured Learning Center Teacher at SMK

These reinstated positions have allowed us to rebuild some of the positions that have been lost over time due to budget cuts. These cuts, along with being a smaller learning community, have driven some families to school choice to other school districts.  The administration is working hard to ensure that the educational product that we are providing students is top-notch along with making their experiences highly personalized.

In the NEASC report that was published from the September 2015 visit, a recommendation was identified in Standard 6 – School Resources for Learning, which stated the following, “provide sufficient and dependable funding for a wide range of school programs and services, professional and support staff, and ongoing professional development & curriculum revision.”   To continue the momentum, service level funding is needed to assure that we do not fall back and lose any of the advancements that have been made until now.  In order for the district to plan for the future, a clear and precise dependable budget needs to be in place annually that supports continued growth and prosperity for the future of WPS and the town of Ware!

Submitted by,
Dr. Marlene A. DiLeo
Superintendent Ware Public Schools

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